Fine Art Photography, Shot on Film. by Michael Hodson

Hi, I'm Michael

I'm a photographer based in Bendigo, Australia, and I specialise in creating fine art photography using traditional film cameras and hybrid workflows. My passion for film photography started over 20 years ago when I picked up my father's Pentax K1000, a classic 35mm film camera from the 70's.

Film photography is an art form that requires a special set of skills and craft. Each film and camera has its own set of quirks and limitations that need to be overcome in order to create truly exceptional photographs. The process involves tangible materials such as film and chemicals, that haven't changed much in over 100 years. While the use of hybrid workflows has modernised post-production techniques, the fundamental principles of adjusting exposure, dodging, and burning remain the same.

The end result is something unique. Something that isn't disadvantaged by the limitations of its production methods, but enhanced by them. An image that has a soul born from this tangible, difficult, magical, and beautiful process.

Being based in central Victoria, my work is predominantly focused on the urban, natural, and rural landscapes unique to this beautiful part of the world, with an occasional sojourn further afield.

I hope those who appreciate the art of film photography will enjoy my work.

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